1. Dear Beth:

    I bought my ticket for the individual simulcast to Living Proof Live about a month ago, marked my calendar, turned down some special event invitations and planned to sit in my sewing loft to listen to you speak. I thought about quilting while I listened. It didn’t happen as I planned. I had to run to town, help my brother out a little, get some groceries and then spend 3 hours…you heard that…

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  2. Her Words to Him

    I’d like to introduce you to my brother, James Lewis (if you don’t already know him).  This morning he posted on Facebook the following post and I’ve decided to share it here for all to see.  Please share this with your friends.  It’s such a beautiful example of the power of praying parents.

    James, Anita, & Luke 2014James, Anita, & Luke

    This probably needs to be on my sister’s blog, just didn’t know how to put it there.…

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  3. I’m Not Good Enough

    I’m Not Good Enough

    God commands us to be holy, set apart from worldly things, perfect, like Jesus.  I know many people who try to follow this command and few who succeed completely.  The truth is, we’ll never be good enough in our own eyes.  That’s why we have to see ourselves through God’s eyes, because His vision is filtered by Jesus standing in front of us.

    God looks at us and sees Jesus.

    It’s like looking at…

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  4. Who’s Your Daddy?

    Who’s Your Daddy?

    I grew up in a small town were you either knew every body or you were related to them.  My husband was an out-of-towner and was not accepted as quickly into the fold as someone that could trace their family line back several generations.  We found this out when we took out a small farm loan right after we were married.  (clarification:  his mother was from the same small town, but had left,…

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  5. WORDsearchBible - Guest Post

    WORDsearchBible – Guest Post

    I’ve got a guest post over at WORDsearchBible.com today.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


    WORDsearch is a great on-tool in Bible study.  They have software you can download to your computer to help in study and comparing different translations, side by side.  The have tons of ebooks that you can open to your computer at their site or at MyStudyBible.com, commentaries and…

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  6. Knowing Jesus, Backwards & Forwards

    Knowing Jesus, Backwards & Forwards

    How were you introduced to Jesus? (Seriously, leave a comment and tell me!)

    I would imagine for the most part, some of us don’t even remember.

    He was a name spoken at the dinner table, a holiday celebrated with new clothes and presents.  He was a Bible story read each night before bed and on Sunday mornings in church.  He was a nativity scene figurine or a felt story board character.  He was a…

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  7. Yo - Yo

    Yo – Yo

    Mom “borrowed” this tablecloth from her mother and I “borrowed” it from her.  And I’m pretty sure Grannie “borrowed” it from her mother.

    At least, that’s what we each claimed!

    GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI’m amazed every time I look at it.

    GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAEach yo-yo is stitched together to make this bed-spread or tablecloth.  We’ve always “borrowed” it to us as a tablecloth.  It’ just now beginning to have a few of the yo-yo’s come…

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  8. A story about the women and a chair and how they influenced my spiritual life.


  9. This Chair, Those Bibles - My Legacy

    This Chair, Those Bibles – My Legacy

    These two ladies had the biggest influence in my spiritual life.  My mom and my grandmother (Grannie Lewis).

    Mom   ?????????????

    It may sound odd, but so was this chair and those bibles.


    I spent a lot of time with both of these women, in fact when I wasn’t with one, I was with the other.  It was into Grannie’s hands that Mom would entrust my care when she had to go somewhere and couldn’t take me.  I didn’t just…

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