1. A perfect day.

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  2. This is what I want to do on our lot overlooking the river.

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    I see pictures like this and immediately my mind forms a story.

    "She leaned just a little to her right, tightening the muscles in her legs to help guide the galloping horse, and notched an arrow to her bow.  The target was just ahead, glancing back every second or so, urging his horse on to the thick forest ahead.  He was the beast that had dared entered her haven and take her love.  The black horse barely flinched when the arrow flew past him.  She grabbed for another arrow in case the first missed its mark.  It didn’t and she relaxed, the horse feeling the release of restraint, slowed.  The beast lay dead on the ground.  If she could kill him again, she would.  She left him there for the forest animals to take him and devour.  Placing the bow across her shoulders, picking up the dropped reins, she turned back to her dead, her heart already as dark as the night that approached."

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  5. My blog, where I’m writing about creating hope in different areas of my life that seem a little hopeless.

  6. kschiffman:

    Day 9: This was the hardest week. I wanted to give up hope but I’m learning to fight for it.

    “May my life be like a great hospitable tree, and may weary wanderers find in me a rest.” - John Henry Jowett

    So sorry you had a hard week.  Praying this one is better.

  7. I could so easily spend my mornings right here.

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  9. kerovous:

    Spring in full bloom

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