1. Yo - Yo

    Yo – Yo

    Mom “borrowed” this tablecloth from her mother and I “borrowed” it from her.  And I’m pretty sure Grannie “borrowed” it from her mother.

    At least, that’s what we each claimed!

    GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI’m amazed every time I look at it.

    GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAEach yo-yo is stitched together to make this bed-spread or tablecloth.  We’ve always “borrowed” it to us as a tablecloth.  It’ just now beginning to have a few of the yo-yo’s come…

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  2. A story about the women and a chair and how they influenced my spiritual life.


  3. This Chair, Those Bibles - My Legacy

    This Chair, Those Bibles – My Legacy

    These two ladies had the biggest influence in my spiritual life.  My mom and my grandmother (Grannie Lewis).

    Mom   ?????????????

    It may sound odd, but so was this chair and those bibles.


    I spent a lot of time with both of these women, in fact when I wasn’t with one, I was with the other.  It was into Grannie’s hands that Mom would entrust my care when she had to go somewhere and couldn’t take me.  I didn’t just…

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  4. pagewoman:


    by muteh

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    GB_Prior_Park2_Bath (Prior Park, Bath, Somerset, England) by weyerdk on Flickr.

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  6. "

    Missing you comes in waves.

    Tonight I’m drowning.

    — Hannah Taylor, “Waves”  (via delfiini)

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    French Quarter - New Orleans - Louisiana - USA (von James Neeley)

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